Size guide



Longueur/lenght : 37 cm (14.5 inches)

Largeur/width : 16cm (6.2 inches)

Épaisseur/thickness : 0.2mm (0.07 inches)


Longueur/lenght : 43cm (16.9 inches)

Largeur/width : 16cm (6.2 inches)

Épaisseur/thickness : 0.2mm (0.07 inches)

Nos FramePads sont fabriqués avec du tissu Cordura© stretch pour un meilleur ajustement sur votre cadre.

Our FramePads are made with a Cordura© stretch fabric for a better fit on your bike frame.

How to install it

Unpack your SAVED FramePad. Remove the scratch and work out the ideal position on your bike's top tube. Once centered, stretch the fabric, then fix the scratch to make sure the FramePad won't move. The SAVED logo ought to be on the seat tube side to provide the perfect aesthetic finish.

Does it work ?

As long as you don't use your bike as a golf club, we're positive your SAVED FramePad shall protect you from most everyday shocks and scratches. We can guarantee you our printed patterns are durable. Indeed, we've immersed them in a chlorinated pool in the sun for three months and not a single tan line ! Seamless, flexible, our FramePads perfectly fit the shape of most frames. Thanks to their non-slip fabric, they won't slip between your legs. You change your underwear every day, don't you? Mind you, our FramePads are machine washable too !

Our worst case scenario would be your being disappointed with our product, so you'll have 14 days to change your mind once you get it.

Email us at to return your product.

Return shipping costs shall be your responsibility.

There are cables on my top tube, can I install the FramePad ?

It indeed can be a subterfuge ! We recommend you use a housing to protect your top tube from the rubbing of the brake cables on the frame.

My top tube has an uneven shape, can I install the FramePad ?

Our product is flexible. The large velcro tape adapts to most frame shapes, even the  most unlikely ones.

Can the FramePad scratch my frame ?

Before you install your FramePad, make sure your top tube is perfectly clean.

We use soft touch materials to keep your frame's paint flawless.

What are the dimensions ?

Size M :

Length : 14,6 inches

Width :   6,3 inches

Thickness : 0,11 inches

Size L :

Length : 16,9 inches

Width :   6,3 inches

Thickness : 0,11 inches

What is the maximal diameter for your top tube ?

5,9 inches circumference /  1,88 inches diameter

Don't you worry, we're working on a wider range to make your wildest dreams come true!

Your frame's shape is unusual? 

Email us at 

All of your returns matter to us.

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Your SAVED FramePad can be delivered all around the world.

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Our delivery times :

Europe :  3 - 5 days

World :  7 - 10 days

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Our products are assembled by a family-owned company, that owns a factory in Tunisia, committed to sustainable development in both France and Tunisia.

SAVED FramePads are delivered to you in 100% recyclable PETG plastic packagings that are manufactured just outside Paris, which limits more environmental impact.


We conceive, package and process our products here in Paris and its suburbs.

All of our products are packed at our warehouse in Paris, to guarantee the quality of

each of the articles we deliver.

We have tested our products on hundreds of bikes to make sure we could dress

up most frames available on the market.

A custom FramePad ?

Shops, brands, clubs and cycling teams should be aware we create custom-made

products !

E-mail us at

Minimum : 20 units

Delivery : 2 to 3 weeks /  based on your request.